Our History

In 1990, Lois Bogar of Arnprior was faced with the following challenge: “What would you do for God if ‘time’, ‘ education’ and ‘money’ were not an issue? She  immediately had an idea to establish a centre where women could come to be encouraged, find friendship and understanding, and learn life skills.

It was 8 years later, when her children were grown, that Lois was able to take an opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream of going to Bible School. She enrolled as a mature student at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto and in May 2001 she graduated with a Master of Theological Studies degree. During this time, electives and field work was done with the idea of establishing a Women’s centre.

Lois returned home not knowing what she would do next. Then, an invitation arrived to present a proposal regarding the woman’s centre to New Hope Center (NHC) Board of Directors.

So, on January 29, 2002, Lois presented a proposal regarding establishing The Fountain to the NHC Board and gained authorization to perform a needs assessment for the feasibility of a drop-in centre in the community of Arnprior.

On March 19th of the same year, World Vision presented their NeighbourLink ministry to an audience that included the NHC Board and representatives from 8 churches. This ministry  helped with doing the feasibility assessment and helped to fulfill one proposed mandate of The Fountain to “network to link people to services offered within the community.” What followed was a series of presentations [on the`subject of] to an ever-widening circle of community members, including 39 representatives from 11 different local churches.


In February 5, 2003 a start-up planning committee for NeighbourLink was established, and after recruiting volunteers to assist with the delivery of services, Arnprior & District NeighbourLink, as an affiliate of World Vision and division of the New Hope Center, opened the Resource Center in an office at Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church. In October of the same year, the ministry was incorporated under the name of Arnprior & District Paraclete Ministries & received charitable status.

With emphasis being placed on establishing the project of  The NeighbourLink Fountain, a pilot project was launched in the spring of 2004– this ran one morning each week at the Christian Education Centre. Later that summer Waldo Hordichuk, the owner of Arnprior’s former Alexander Reid School, was approached with an inquiry regarding available space for The NeighbourLink Fountain project. He responded with an open house for churches to view the premises and give input into possibility of securing and maintaining the place. In September, the Resource Centre moved onto the premises and on October 29th The NeighbourLink Fountain opened to the public.

By September 2013 more than 1400 families/individuals had registered at The Fountain, and numbers continue to swell. The volunteer and visitor sign-ins reflect the growth: June 2010: 543 sign-ins; June 2012: 512 sign-ins; June 2013: 875 sign-ins.

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NeighbourLink Fountain